Sunday, July 22, 2007

Workin' For the Weekend

There's an old song by Canadian rockers Loverboy called "Working for the Weekend." All the bees, butterflies, grasshoppers and moths flitting about the garden made me think of it. This bee on my globe thistle is one of literally dozens that made an appearance in the garden this morning.

It was tough to snap a picture of the bees on the liatris. They kept disappearing under the blooms as they worked their way round and round. Bees are a tricky bunch especially with so many of them around. I had to be extra careful as I stepped into the garden. The liatris, by the way, are doing great. They are a personal favourite as their psychedelic mop-tops begin to bloom.

The purple coneflowers are a bee favourite too. Last year, I was foolish enough to carelessly plunge my hand into some foliage while working around some coneflowers. I was promptly stung on the thumb. I know better this year that bees deserve some respect...and some space.

I'm not sure if this is a butterfly or moth. It seemed a little too hairy to be a butterfly but too colourful to be a moth. Whatever it is, it also enjoyed the coneflowers.

I almost sat right down on this guy. I caught myself just in time. He blended in perfectly with the lawn chair cushion. I'm sure he was just taking a break ahead of a busy day.

There was one visitor to the garden this weekend that stood out among the rest. This beautiful monarch stopped by and thoughtfully stopped to pose for a beautiful picture. Okay, I know, it too was working. Busy collecting its nectar. I'm just glad I wasn't working for the weekend so that I could be around to enjoy all the garden creatures.


Connie said...

Well, there you see... you got your your beautiful butterfly photo! All good things come to those who wait... (and have their camera ready, ha.)
Enjoyed the photos and your witty writing style, as always. :-)

Garden Lily said...

I love your bee photos! I keep trying, but don't think I've gotten any as close-up and clear as those!