Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Astilbe My Heart

This is an exciting time in the garden. So much is happening or about to happen. For example, the astilbe have just about reached their full bloom. As proud as I am of my garden, I'm even prouder of my almost four-year-old daughter who happened to snap these pictures. I don't think I could have captured the light, fluffiness of the blooms in this way even if I tried. She's either really lucky or a genius (I suspect the latter.)

My astilbe have been outstanding performers from day one. They are planted on the south side of my yard, right up against a fence. They sit in shade all morning. Later in the day, they are bathed in late afternoon sunshine. The soil is consistently moist. I guess they find the conditions ideal. I planted the astilbe when I literally did not know what I was doing in the garden. There was a time when I thought all a plant needed was some dirt and some water every once in a while. I've come a long way since then. But on the day I planted the astilbe, luck was on my side. And that little bit of good luck has gone a long way.

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Connie said...

Your Astilbe is so pretty! I think you have an aspiring photographer there, in your young daughter. Please tell her I admire her photos!