Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Out Vile Weed!

There's a saying that goes "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." As far as the tree pictured here today, it is definitely an enemy. I need to know all about it in order to stop its treacherous advances. So I'm asking anyone with information about it to please come forward. I have no idea what this tree is. But I am convinced it is an evil invader that must be destroyed.

Several years ago I had to cut down an old tree and hired a removal crew to do the job. While I had them over I asked them to please remove another tree like the one pictured, only it was slightly larger. It was growing in the exact same spot and, as I recall, had grown to six feet or taller in just a few months. The intrepid crew tied a rope around its base and then used a pick-up truck to wrench it from deep inside the earth (I'm beginning to believe the roots may reach the bowels of hell.) I was certain that was the end of the tree. I was so wrong.

It's back with a vengeance! Its persistence and "un-kill-ability" make me certain this is some sort of tree weed that will be nothing but trouble if I leave it be. And have no doubts, this tree is unkillable. In one of my finer efforts to get rid of it, I poured pounds of salt onto its roots and around its base. The tree said "Can I have some more, please." I see these trees all over the city growing in the most inhospitable environments, usually out of sidewalk cracks and butted up against walls. Interestingly enough, when the branches snap off, they emit a nice aroma. I'm not even sure they are branches. When they are snapped off they leave just a "trunk" that amounts to nothing more that a stick sticking out of the ground.

Perhaps I'm wrong about this mystery tree. But I can't take any chances. Anyone out there with an idea of what it might be and how to deal with it?


Ziggywigs said...

Nice blog, unfortunately i don't have a clue what your mystery weed is. Hope you find out soon.

Connie said...

Chuckling at the title of your post...that is so clever. I wish I could tell you what it is, but alas, I don't know. :-)

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Irena, I am wondering if it isn't some kind of sumac?

Jeremy said...

I thought Sumac too when I first saw it. Let us all know if you confirm it's villainous identity...and how to dispose of it for good!

Owin & Irena said...

thanks iowa and jeremy. I'll look into the sumac theory and let you know.

Mary in Bloomfield, CT USA said...

Your evil tree does indeed look and sound like a non-poisonous sumac tree... if it has yellow tufts of flowers, it's male and red flowers, it's female. I have been having a terrible time convincing my neighbor that the beautiful "tropical" looking tree that's growing next to my pool on her side of the fence is nothing more than a WEED. I end up with all the offshoots in my yard and leaves AND branches in my pool in the fall which totally clog my filter. Yes, you're right, there's nothing much left to it when it sheds its leaves AND branches in the fall... I don't know yet how we will be able to rid ourselves of this tree that has roots that run on forever and seems to triple in size every few months!!! I'm just hoping that my neighbor will see that this is indeed a big FAT WEED and it must be eradicated sooner rather than later. Good luck to you... and hopefully you will find a way to rid yourself of it FOREVER!