Monday, July 16, 2007

Pretty In Pink

There's a wave of pink gently sweeping across the garden. Among the flowers in finest form: the snapdragons. I have never grown snapdragons before this year. They are part of the planter I put together earlier this spring. Upon seeing their blooms I have to wonder why I've never included them in my garden plans before. I think I've been way too focused on perennials. But this annual really shines. I plan to make room for more of these beauties...lots year.

There's been a coneflower explosion in my yard. Much to my delight, a bee popped by for a visit and stayed still just long enough for me to snap this photo. Actually, the bees are buzzing with activity around the coneflowers. They just love these blooms. Just like me, the bees feel it's a perfect time to think pink.

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