Friday, May 11, 2007

Nutty for Tulips

I wonder if there are squirrels in Holland? If not, then perhaps we can ship some of our Canadian squirrels over there. They could munch on Dutch tulips instead of mine. I'd drop them off in Keukenhof Tulip Garden near Amsterdam, the largest tulip garden in the world, and tell them to "Go Nuts!" Get it?

Holland grows and exports most of the world's tulips. I'd be happy to grow one decent bunch that lasts for more than a day before becoming lunch for a rodent. But I can't blame the squirrels. Tulips are deliciously elegant with their long, tall stems. And with thousands of varieties to choose from they are the smorgasbord of spring bulbs.

I'm both happy and sad to report that a precious few tulips have survived the squirrel onslaught. Happy because the survivors are beauties. Sad because there are too few of them. I considered not planting any more tulips to cut down on squirrel frustration but that sentiment won't stick. I think I'll succumb to a better solution: plant more tulips. How many can the squirrels possibly eat?