Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Little Rain Must Fall

At long last, the spring rain has arrived. It's a good thing too. The garden can use it. This afternoon, a big storm blew through Toronto. If I may reference the comedy classic "Bowfinger," this storm dropped some "chubby rain." Big fat raindrops and lots of them.

I raced home, trying unsuccessfully to stay dry. Since I was soaked, I decided to get some storm pictures of the garden. None turned out except these two of my birdbath. I love it when I look like a professional photographer without even trying.

I was already thinking of maybe adding a water feature or two to my garden. A small fountain perhaps. Seeing these pictures makes me think I should accelerate those plans. Not only do water features look great but they sound great too. There's nothing like the relaxing pitter-patter of rain or the trickle of a flowing stream. Water features are great for attracting birds and useful insects too. And if my birdbath is any indication, a new water feature would be happily welcomed by my cat Mooch. She prefers drinking in the great outdoors to drinking from her kitchen bowl.

Move over birdbath. A new water feature will be joining you before the summer ends.

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