Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Garden Update

A second straight day of rain. My plants are loving it. Here are just a few photos and an update of how my garden is growing. The tall bearded irises are looking great.

The fir tree buds are a bright, light green and soft to the touch.

Always one to keep me guessing, the hibiscus is finally showing signs of life. The leaves on this shrub are always the last to appear. But what a showstopper late in the summer. I'm setting aside some pruning time this weekend.

My chives look like they are ready to put on the next spectacular bloom show. As a bonus, chives are one of the few "greens" my daughter enjoys.

The giant hostas are well on their way to dominating the shadiest corner of my garden. At their peak, these beauties easily measure four feet across.

Where did all these daylilies come from? I swear these plants double in size every year. I love them. Here's to waiting for them to bloom.

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