Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thank Goodness for Daffodils

May Day! May Day! Spring is missing in action! May 1st and there was not a ray of sunshine to be seen. After a glorious Sunday, the last two days have offered up the worst of the season: cold, grey, and wet conditions. I still can't shake the chill from my bike ride home from work. And yet, one flower towers head and shoulders above the rest in these conditions and puts on a fantastic display.

Thank goodness for daffodils.

Of all the bulbs I've ever planted, the daffodils never disappoint. For years, I had just one big clump of them. They were always the first to make an appearance, standing tall and proud at the back of my border. Their colours are unsurpassed, the blooms are long-lasting and make a great cut flower! Last year, I decided a few more were in order and a bulb fundraiser at my daughter's pre-school gave me the perfect excuse to splurge a little. So in went the bulbs. Now I've got four fabulous clumps in bloom with a fifth group of flowers on the way.

My daffodils are planted in full sun. Even though I've been working to improve my soil a little at a time for years, I'd say it's still a little on the lean side. The drainage is good. Once the flowers have faded, I cut the main stems down to the ground. I leave the foliage alone until it turns yellow and then just pull it out of the garden with a good yank or with a quick pass of the rake. I leave the bulbs in the ground instead of digging them up in hopes that they will multiply.

Honestly, it doesn't get much easier than that, and what a payoff! Thank goodness for daffodils. They'll keep me going until the warmer weather arrives.

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