Friday, March 16, 2012

The Crocus Parade Continues

I was worried for my crocus last night. Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm watch and warned of the potential for "toonie-sized" hail. Toonie-sized hail! That could dent a car. Were my crocus doomed? Fortunately, the storm was limited to a heavy downpour. The crocus are none-the-worse for wear.

Blue Pearl is back for another year. There's an almost imperceptible dusting of lavender-blue on the outside of the petals. The insides are pearly white. This was easily my favourite selection from last year but this year it is underperforming.

I loved Blue Pearl so much last spring that I added another 40 corms to the garden last fall. I don't see them yet. A little disappointing for sure. I blame the squirrels.

Squirrels did quite a bit of damage to Crocus Tricolour last year but these cheerful blooms seem to be making a comeback.

These blooms feature an orange-yellow base, a band of white and purple-tipped petals.

Ruby Giant is making a really great impression this year. Only one flower survived the squirrel onslaught last year. To have a group of four in bloom is a treat.

The purple of Ruby Giant is much deeper than that of Tricolour. It is definitely a drama queen among the crocus.

There are many crocus still to come including: Jeanne d'Arc, Silver Coral, Pickwick, Prince Claus, Advance, Yalta, Minimus and Lady Killer. If you are able to deal with the disappointment of losing some corms to the squirrels, crocus are the perfect flower to kick start the gardening season.

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