Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Crocus and a Hellebore

This is the prettiest bunch of crocus blooming in the yard right now. They were planted long before I kept track of plant names so I'm not sure what they are.

Now that I keep track of names I find it is not enough to stay on top of what's blooming. Last fall I planted an assortment of white crocus featuring purple highlights on the petals. Today, I can't tell any of them apart! They all looks so similar. My best guess: this one is Prince Claus.

This one looks like Spring Beauty.

Crocus Minimus?

I have no idea. A valuable lesson learned: it's worth mapping what's planted where. It's also worth choosing a variety of distinct colours to make identification easier. No more white and purple combos for this garden.

While the crocus are proving a bit confusing, there's no mistaking this garden stunner. Hellebore "Ivory Prince" is nodding slightly and very low to the ground, growing taller by the day. Whether I've got the right names or the wrong names, these winter blooms are a more than welcome sight. The garden season is off to a great start.

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