Friday, November 11, 2011

Just In Time

I saw the first snowflake of November today. It was small and the moment was fleeting but it was snow nevertheless. Thankfully, the patio furniture is in the basement, the bulbs have been planted and the garden has been put to bed for another year.

Here's what was in this year's box of bulbs:

5 Narcissus "Variant"
10 Narcissus "Sorcerer"
30 Hyacinthoides "English Bluebells"
45 Scilla "Spring Beauty"
4 Camassia"Blue Melody"
6 Tulipa "Drumline"
10 Tulipa "Sylvestris"
20 Puschkinia "libanotica"

Crocus in early spring are just about the best thing about gardening so I have added lots:

12 Crocus "Jeanne d"Arc"
12 Crocus "Silver Coral"
12 Crocus "Pickwick"
20 Crocus "Prince Claus"
40 Crocus "Blue Pearl" (so stunning last spring I just had to have more!)
20 Crocus "Advance"
20 Crocus "Yalta"
50 Snow Crocus "Minimus"
25 Snow Crocus "Lady Killer"

Add that to all the bulbs planted the year before and the springtime garden promises to be stunning. Time to hunker down with some good books until spring returns once again.


Helen said...

Snow? Say it ain't so! That's a wonderful bunch of joy you've planted, Irena. I'm in winter denial, so I'll just keep planting.

Connie said...

I planted tons of bulbs in the fall of 2010...and last spring was glorious. This year I planted nary a one! Still have some purple alliums in their package.