Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three New Crocus in Bloom

The giant crocus are in bloom. Here's a nice bunch of "Pickwick."

"Pickwick" is definitely the showiest crocus in the garden with its many stripes. If it weren't a flower it might be a delightful hard candy. It's certainly a popular choice among gardeners: I've seen many of these fancy crocus in bloom throughout the neighbourhood.

Another giant is "Jeanne d'Arc." It has a massive flower that is pure white.

This is "Silver Coral," another white bloom distinguishable by its pale purple base.

I'm still waiting to see Crocus "Advance." The first time I planted "Advance" the corms were mislabeled. I got what appears to be "Spring Beauty" instead. So I tried again, planting some "Advance" last fall but so far it has not made an appearance. Despite some confusion over the names of several similar white/purple varieties and the inevitable damage by squirrels, it has been an excellent year for the crocus.

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