Sunday, March 16, 2008

Seedy Saturday

A recent post by Ottawa Hortiphilia made me curious about Seedy Saturday. I looked up the event and sure enough there was one happening in town this weekend. So with husband and 4-year-old in tow, I headed to "Seed World" as they dubbed it. Wow! Talk about a lot of seeds. I was unprepared for the variety and unprepared for the crowds. Gardeners, it would seem, are thriving in this city. One could spend hours browsing all the selections. I, however, made a surgical strike: 30 minutes to look around and shop while the family took in some kid-friendly activities. I limited my purchase to a packet of Petitbec, a Canadian tomato. I already have tonnes of seeds at home and the raised beds aren't even in yet. I thought it would be best to show a little restraint. Next year...well, that will be another story. There are lots of dates still to come across the country, so check it out.


Anna said...

That looks like tons of fun!! My favorite seeds are sunflower. I can't get enough of them. I'll be buying more seeds next year too. Like you--I got to get the beds ready first.

kate said...

Now that is showing restraint ... I just went to see if there was one in Regina. The only Seedy Saturday in Saskatchewan is in Saskatoon. I should find out if we could get one going in Regina as well.

Thanks for the link!

guild-rez said...

and I missed that event..
too bad..