Thursday, February 7, 2008


Every year the city of Toronto hosts a week of events in February called WinterCity. Well this year, February really has produced a WinterCity. There have been two major snowstorms in the past week. Wednesday's 30-odd-centimeter dumping of snow was the biggest one-day February snowstorm in T.O. in three decades. What's a gardener impatient for spring to do? I decided to take an hour to really appreciate winter. I picked up my camera on the way out the door this morning to capture what I could while walking to work. The C.N. Tower (above) is the iconic image of Toronto. Here it is peeking through two giant evergreens in Trinity-Bellwoods Park. The branches are drooping under the weight of the snow.

Getting my daughter to walk to school this morning was out of the question. She could do it of course but the 10-minute journey to school could easily take two hours, what with all the stops to make snowballs and snowangels. Snacking on the snow also takes some time. Sledding was a far better option, especially since my husband did most of the pulling.

After the stormy skies cleared, up there was nothing but blue up there. The trees all cloaked in white looked fantastic everywhere.

A path cut through the snow at Trinity-Bellwoods.

Colourful coats and sleds on the tobaggan hill at Trinity-Bellwoods.

Sparkling snow between the shadows. I wonder if anything's ready to start growing under there?

A bike buried in snow. But not for long. Soon the snow will melt. The bitter wind will turn to warm breezes. I'll be back on the bike and riding to the garden centre. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

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jodi said...

Very pretty--covers up a lot of the drabs, doesn't it? (I've been to Toronto at this time of year, and it ain't pretty, at least downtown). And I'm glad that people are enjoying it, and not having to call in the army, like wacky Mel did that time.

Connie said...

Wonderful photos...they really give us a feel of your city.
Love the bike photo!
I, like you am ready for spring!
Only a few patches of snow visible on the mountain now, so that is encouraging! ;-)