Monday, February 18, 2008

Visit to Allan Gardens

February has been less than kind. Three major storms have hit the city in the past few weeks, dumping somewhere in the neighbourhood of 70 centimeters of snow. Relief came in the form of a visit to Allan Gardens in downtown Toronto. Six greenhouses. 16,000 square feet of plants. Sigh.

Daffodils provided a cheery welcome. The fragrance hit me as soon as I opened the door.

The peace lilies seemed very content glistening in the humid conditions. Inspired me to take better care of my two lilies which persist even though I treat them as drought resistant plants.

The conservatory's Palm House boasts a small grove of banana trees.

One greenhouse is devoted to cacti and succulents. Looks like I just missed the blooms on the barrel cactus.

The Old Man of the Andes was my favorite plant of the day. Great look. Great name.

Stay tuned for more pictures from Allan Gardens.

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Julie said...

Nice photo of Old Man of Andes cactus! The barrel cactus is so large and amazing too!