Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crocus Not As Advertised

It's great to see the crocus in bloom.  These were unexpected, however.  Planted last fall, the bulbs were a promising, new and exciting addition to the garden.

Here's the package they came in.  Epic Crocus Fail.  Another case of mislabelled bulbs? Has anyone ever seen an "Orange Monarch" in bloom?


Northern Shade said...

I love the early spring crocus, for the cheer they bring when you most appreciate it. Like you, I got a few mislabeled ones last fall. I planted over a thousand bulbs, and only 2 types were mislabeled, so I guess it's not a bad average, but it's still disappointing when you are looking forward to a certain colour. Your bulbs are a bright, sunny yellow, but there is no hint of orange. They do say 'New'. Maybe yellow is the new orange? By coincidence (or not) one of my mislabeled type of bulbs was from the same packager as the ones you show.

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