Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy Day Garden

The spring has been unusually cool and wet, especially these last few days. While I mildly object to wearing a sweater just days away from the start of June, the garden has no objections whatsoever to outdoor conditions. Geranium "Rozanne" was happy to collect raindrops on her petals. My long-established backyard "Rozanne" plants are putting on good foliage but have yet to bloom. The flowers are courtesy of five new plants I purchased for the front-yard garden. They were in bloom in their pots at the garden centre and continue to bloom in their new home.

All 12 of the Camassia leichtlinii planted last fall came through with flying colours. They meet all my "awesome garden plant, must get some more" criteria. Tall, sturdy foliage with no need for staking, spiky flower stalks and purple blooms.

As great as the Camassia are, I doubt they can match the longevity of the Pulmonaria "Silver Streamers" blooms. The lungworts have been going strong for at least a month, and in partial shade no less. As an added bonus, the foliage will look great all summer. I recently moved the pulmonaria from a spot where they received too much afternoon sun. In full sun, the plants always perked up with a long drink of water. Too often though, I let them fend for themselves. Oh, how they wilted. This year, with the installation of a new front-yard shade garden, it was time to make amends and move these long suffering plants to a better spot. So far they seem quite content.

The tall bearded irises are not very happy this year. I had a gorgeous clump last year but this spring they have fizzled. I have only myself to blame. I vowed to divide the irises but didn't get around to it. Mistake. There have been fewer than five blooms so far this year and no sign of more to come. Neglecting the garden was not a wise move.

The Mountain Bluets or Bachelor Buttons could care less about neglect. They come back every year with a vengeance. I have great respect for their persistence.

And finally, the petals of an unidentified columbine glisten after an early morning shower. This rainy day garden is looking lovely indeed.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Beautiful!! My iris are budding for the very 1st time (3 yr old); so I'm really excited to meet them!

Connie said...

You have a lovely color theme going here....all beautiful blooms.
Iris are so finicky, and if they weren't so pretty they wouldn't be worth the trouble. :-) Mine weren't blooming so I dug them all up, divided, and replanted 2 years ago. Last year I only got a few blooms but they are blooming great this year. BUT...they say to divide them every 3-5 years. Next year would be the third year and that is too much work so soon, so I will be pushing the 5 year mark and see what happens.

Nutty Gnome said...

Beautiful photos of gorgeous flowers - and all in my favourite colours too!