Sunday, May 10, 2009

Community Garden Bulb Blitz Results

I'm going to go ahead and call last fall's Community Garden Bulb Blitz a smashing success. This photo makes me almost deliriously ecstatic. It looks like a beautiful country scene but in fact these bulbs occupy a hostile piece of the concrete jungle right next to the local high school.

The bulb display started around April 22 with the appearance of the "Ice Follies" daffodils.

Soon after the bright yellow of the "Carlton" daffodils further brightened the scene.

Tulipa "Negrita" looked stunning even before her flower buds were fully open.

"Negrita" looked stunning in full bloom too. I love the way her petals catch the light.

The "Princess Irene" tulips made me laugh. For a tulip named for a princess, she struck me as a little too short and stout. I shouldn't hold it against her though: I'm short and stout too.

Leave it to a tulip called "Pretty Woman" to leave the rest waiting.

These tall tulips took their time and arrived fashionably late to the party.

But what an entrance! Their red colour is remarkable, just what you would expect from a tulip.

Last fall, I took a few hours out of my day to plant these bulbs. This spring, I've already enjoyed about three weeks worth of blooms with more to come. And the neighbours have enjoyed them too. Talk about a great return on your investment!


Connie said...

Irena - You should be very proud of your efforts in the community looks stunning! The payoff for planting spring bulbs is always well worth the effort, in my humble opinion. :-)

Helen said...

Congratulations on a job well done, Irena. Great choices, and lovely results.

Gail said...

The dafs and tulips look wonderful...and thanks for helping me remember I have a few Carlton dafs!

What a great idea...our local high school could use a flower intervention!


EAL said...

I so agree that bulb planting in public places is well worth. I planted bulbs in a few community spots around here many years ago and I was surprised to see that some are still coming up.

Tulip height is interesting. I have 3 doubles in pots--Orange Princess, Black Hero, and Yellow Mountain and the dark one is a good 6" taller than the other two.

Gardenista said...

Fantastic! What a great idea. I think bulbs are a great exercise in delayed gratification - something to stretch the soul and teach us all something.

Ottawa Gardener said...

I do believe I remember you discussing planting this up (either that or I have an active imagination). It looks beautiful.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.