Monday, May 19, 2008

New Blooms in the Garden

Blogging without a camera and photos just doesn't feel like blogging. With my camera on the fritz for the last few weeks, my blogging has pretty much come to a standstill. This weekend, however, I managed to borrow a camera to capture some new additions and recent blooms in the garden. This Red Clementine Columbine was a gift from my mother.

The Masterwort was another gift from my mother. I nestled it into a corner of ferns where it seemed like a natural fit.

I saw this Gerbera Daisy at a local florist shop and just couldn't resist. It's now part of the back porch container garden.

The foam flower was planted last year but this is the first time I'm really seeing it in bloom. I love that there are so many blooms still to come. Another bonus: the foam flower seems to be multiplying quite quickly. I've seen lots of baby plants near the original three that I planted. Foam flowers will be a big part of the front shade garden once they mature but right now they are wee.

The lilac "Ludwig Spaeth" is stunning right now both in appearance and fragrance.

And just as the lilac comes into its own, the last of the spring bulbs are putting on their grand finale. These three tulips (unknown variety) managed to survive the annual squirrel onslaught. I suspect it's because they are planted right next to a big bunch of daffodils which hold zero appeal for the squirrels. Even as the tulips fade, the garden is growing greener and more lush every day thanks in large part to an especially rainy spring. Now I've just got to get a camera so that I'll always have the memories of the many blooms still waiting for their close-up.


Viooltje said...

Wonderful blooms. I particularly fell for the foam flowers as I have never came across one here. What a lovely little wonder!

Jeremy said...

Looking good. I love how green the ferns are early in the season...keep us updated on the wild ginger as well, I have been waiting to take the plunge with that one but haven't undertaken the shady side of the new house yet.

Connie said...

Beautiful blooms, Irena! I agree...a camera must always be handy in the garden, lest you miss capturing any of the beauty.
I love how that Masterwort is peeking through the ferns. I have Clementine columbine I started from seed last year blooming now in several colors and one has a beautiful varigation on the foliage...hope to post a photo soon.