Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let the Harvesting Begin

May I have a dumroll please? The novice potager gardener is very proud to present the first radish of the season. Not only is it the first radish of the season but it is the first ever vegetable produced in my newly installed backyard veggie plot. Whoohoo! It's working. It's really, really working. This is just the kind of success a newbie vegetable gardener needs. It's a real confidence builder. It's nice to be harvesting a good crop of radishes just as some of the more challenging late season vegetables are going into the ground. In other potager news, eight Petitbec tomato plants grown from seed starting on March 15th have been transplanted into the garden. The potatoes have sprouted. The snow peas are about three inches tall and starting to climb their trellis. The leeks and onions are standing tall in their rows while the carrot tops look like a mohawk haircut cutting across the soil. The bush beans and the nasturtiums have just started poking through. If all do as well as the radish, it will be a very good harvest indeed.

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Kathy said...

Woohoo! That radish looks picture-perfect! Congrats on the harvest and hope you have lots more to come!