Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Getting a Little Crowded in Here

When you plant eight tomato seeds in the bottom of a two litre milk carton things eventually get a little crowded. These seedlings were started on March 15th and they haven't looked back. They are part of My Great Canadian Tomato Experiment which is coming along quite nicely. Altogether I have 13 of these Petitebec cherry tomato plants, more than enough for the family and a few extras to share. The plants each put on some vigorous growth after their transplants so far.

While I have great hopes for the tomatoes, I'm even more excited about my single pepper seedling. It's what I have to show after the dismal results of Operation Pepper. Dozens of seeds sown, only one seedling. Even so, it is quite the seedling. If I were shopping at a garden centre, this seedling would definitely look good enough for a purchase. I mean, it looks like the real deal doesn't it? Needless to say, this little plant is getting a liitle extra attention. I'm almost dreading putting it into the ground outside where the nasty squirrels will get their grubby little paws all over it. Note to self: devise some sort of squirrel deterrent. That should be no problem at all.

Everybody has a little more elbow room now and some fresh new soil. They can settle in by the kitchen door for about another month. Next stop for these guys is the potager (I'm calling my veggie patch a potager from now on in hopes of generating some good veggie vibes). If the seedlings are any indication, it's going to get a little crowded in there, and that's a good thing.


Anna said...

Oh my word!! I remember your tomato plant purchase. They are getting huge. Impressive.

Viooltje said...

Hi there. Can't really express how glad I am you stopped by in my garden, even on a such disturbing post. I took some time reading your wonderful blog, met your lovely 4 year-old and Mooch, a garden full of delights and read the great insider story on Toronto. The only thing that made me sad was the Hello Kitty story :-( I dread of such things happening to my feline garden crew. I've noticed your roots really do run deep, since your dad originates from the lovely, picturesque hills of Hrvatsko Zagorje. Have you ever been there? Well, anyway, it was very nice of you to stop by and show me the way to your lovely place. Good luck with your seedlings (I'm still struggling with mine). Take care,


Connie said...

Wow, Irena...nice job on the veggies! You are now an official vegetable gardener. :-)

Kylee said...

Goodness! What healthy looking plants! I'm afraid mine don't look nearly that good!