Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dazzling Daffodils and More

The daffodils really had a chance to shine this weekend. One or two had opened earlier in the week but the rest waited for the warmest weekend of the year so far to put on their dazzling display. With their bright blooms to cheer me on, and the weather cooperating for the first time in months, garden clean-up this weekend was a breeze. The thatch on the lawn is gone, the remnants of last fall's leaf mulch have been swept away, and the evergreen branches from the winter urns are ready to be carted away to be composted. I have to say, the garden is looking very good! It appears to have come through one of the most brutal winters in recent memory just fine.

Sure, there are a few too many bare patches that need to be filled with bulbs next fall. Some of the soil looks like concrete thanks to the effects of last fall's construction project by the neighbours. Some digging will fix that. In fact, the problems are minor when compared to all the good stuff happening in the garden. The daylilies are coming on strong. The lilac buds are beautiful. The serviceberry is about to bloom. The Chinese Lanterns are poking through the ground. The Japanese Forest Grass is sending forth red shoots from the soil. The Hellebore buds are plump and soaring skyward. The purple coneflowers survived the construction boots. The chives are delicious. One globe thistle has multiplied to at least three. And the tulips are about to give the daffodils a run for their money. Exciting times ahead.


Connie said...

So glad all is well in your garden... your daffodils are lovely!
I can count on one hand the days warm enough to actually enjoy working in the garden this spring. In twenty years of living here, we've never had such a cold spring! Hoping for some sunshine soon. :-)

Owin & Irena said...

hi connie. hope it warms up for you soon. we've had about five straight days of great gardening weather. here's hoping for more.

Jeremy said...

Daffodils look great...definitely going to plant some at our new place...moving this week!

Gardenista said...

The daffodils look so nice! I know what you mean about filling in the holes with bulbs. I just find that by the time fall arrives, I can't remember where to plant the new bulbs. I need some sort of GPS tracking system for my yard.

Owin & Irena said...

good luck with the move jeremy. i hope it's not too tough to stay focused on the unpacking as the garden beckons.

i think you're onto something, gardenista. A GPS system to track existing bulbs while plotting vacant spots for new bulbs. get the patent. it'll be a best seller. I'll be the first customer because I've got that same bulb-memory deficiency problem.