Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tree Bench By the River's Bend

A winter walk in the woods gives me a quantum of solace. Okay, that opening sentence is one bit of stinky prose. But don't blame me. It was announced this week that "Quantum of Solace" is the title for the new James Bond film. It triggered a huge backlash online among Bond fans. Ever since, my husband and I have been trying to outdo each other by using the phrase as often as we can. So when a walk in the woods produced these two peaceful images, I saw an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

There is a quantum of solace to be found in the silence of the woods by the bend of the frozen river. The phrase actually works quite well in a nature and gardening context. But it's not exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of Bond...James Bond. Perhaps the producers will rethink the title. Stinky name or not, I'm looking forward to the new film. If it's anywhere nearly as good as "Casino Royale" with Daniel Craig I will forgive it its title. If the film itself stinks, I'm sure I will find a quantum of solace in knowing that my garden awaits me as soon as the closing credits roll.

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Connie said...

A quaint bench and a lovely spot! Your post was amusing. It's great when couples can have some fun with each gives us a break from the quantum of solace. ;-)