Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Best of 2007: Veronica

If it's spikey and purple, there's room for it in my garden. But of all the spikey, purple things growing in my little plot, the lovely Veronica stands out among the rest. Sturdy, resilient, long-blooming and re-blooming. What more could a gardener ask for? More space to plant a few more Veronicas of course. Of the hundreds of images snapped during the 2007 garden season, this is just about my favourite. It has a dreamy quality about it, evoking a hazy summer's eve. This image was the perfect pick-me up after a work-day spent in wet socks because I got caught in a winter storm while wearing old, leaky boots. How many days 'til spring?

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Connie said...

I started veronica from seed many years ago and it is still rewarding me with it's beauty. I have divided it several times and moved to other areas in my flower beds. The bees adore it, too!