Saturday, June 2, 2007

Chive Talkin!

Chives were one of the first plants I put into the garden when I started it some nine years ago. Talk about reliable. Without fail, chives perform consistently well and always put on a great display. My chives have just about peaked, so here are a couple of pictures of them in all their glory.

While we're on the topic of ornamental onions, my giant allium is starting to bloom. That's giant allium in the singular. Only one. Last year, I had at least five. I guess I lost some to last fall's garden renovation. Must do better to remember where stuff is planted! I imagine that's a "to do" on every gardener's list.

I think this hot pink flower is a painted daisy. Even if it's not, I'll pretend it is for now. This picture looks like a painting to me. While I like this flower, it only blooms once. Deadheading does not encourage new blooms. The foliage also turns black once blooming is done. And most tragically, it doesn't fit in with my garden's purple and blue colour scheme. I hate to chuck a plant though. Perhaps this is one to move to a planter.

My giant hostas are giants! But they're not done growing yet. Their leaves have yet to unfurl fully. Mental note: I need more giant hostas.

The serviceberries are plumping up nicely. A few leaves have turned a bright orange colour, perhaps from a little transplant shock (I just planted it a few weeks back). The colour is stunning. Makes me long for the brisk mornings and cool evenings of fall. I'll definitely be taking a lot of colourful pictures come October.

My lilac is done blooming for the year. Here's a picture from the height of fragrance and flower time. I dead-headed it this morning and pruned away some branches. I'm trying to shape it in such a way that its branches remain bare to a height of about three feet with a mop top of lilac blooms and leaves above. The bare branches will be hidden by the winged euonymous in front, giving everyone lots of room to breathe.

This is easily the flower I'm anticipating most this year. The foxtail lily. Last year, much to my surprise, it popped out of the ground and didn't stop growing until it topped six feet. It's on pace to tower tall again. While the top of the flower is stunning, its strap-like foliage is already turning yellow and, to be blunt, ugly. But the lessons of last year were learned. The foxtail lily has been underplanted with catmint which hides all that unsightly stuff at the bottom. Now only one real challenge remains. Protecting this plant from soccer balls that sail over the fence.


Pam/Digging said...

Your chives and lilac are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Owin & Irena said...

thanks for dropping by pam. I'll be sure to visit your blog. I'll bet you've got some gorgeous stuff of your own.