Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Big Chill

I wore shorts to work today. Bad idea. The temperature hovered at about 9 degrees celcius for much of the afternoon. As I write this, the temperature sits at 7 and is threatening to drop even further. Yes folks, we've got ourselves the rarest of phenomenons tonight: a frost warning in June. What will become of my garden?

The veronicas are just starting to bloom. I hope tonight's big chill doesn't ruin the show. I planted my veronica last year and it quickly became a favourite.

My purple liatris is about to send up its spires of blossoms. I have no idea how it will react to the cold but have my fingers crossed.

I have great faith that my Lamium maculatum "Pink Nancy" will pull through just fine. This plant is indefatigable. It was among the first plants in my garden and has spread slowly over the years to provide a lovely ground cover under my winged euonymous. It has also spilled over the edge of the garden to soften the edge of the path.

Here's another plant I have a lot of faith in: my "Autumn Joy" sedum. Last fall, after the bloom season was over and done with, my two sedums sent up brand new leaves. I think it's a safe bet to say the sedum might even appreciate a break from the spring sunshine.

I'm most worried about my two tomato plants. But at this stage of the game, they're on their own. I did manage to move my strawberry planter, latest container, and corkscrew hazel into the warmth of the kitchen. So on this June night that feels more like January, there's nothing left to do but bundle up and assess the damage in the morning.


Ottawa Gardener said...

My plants were spared. How about yours?

By the way, your garden looks beautiful.

Owin & Irena said...

Hi Ottawa. Everybody came through the frost warning a-ok. Glad to hear your plants made it too.