Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peony: Emile Debatene

I am over the moon about my new Emile Debatene peony. Just a few days ago the buds looked ready to burst. I don't have much pink in my garden and thought I didn't care for the colour. But these blushing buds caught my eye repeatedly from the kitchen door and even the upstairs window and quickly began to win me over.

Now in full bloom, these flowers have caused me to fall in love. I have to admit that I have been in somewhat of a garden rut for a few seasons. I still adore my coneflowers, salvia and globe thistles. And I still wait with great anticipation for the foxtail lilies to bloom. But there's no escaping the sameness of it all. The peony is new and exciting and I'm wondering why I never thought to grow one before.

There was a huge downpour overnight with thunderclaps that woke me up several times. I was sure the peonies would be flopped over in the mud (as a first year peony grower I didn't think I would have enough success to require hoops or other supports). But the flowers stood up well to the conditions, bowing a bit but still standing. The fragrance of these flowers is also outstanding. Welcome to the garden Emile Debatene. You just made my day.


Northern Shade said...

Your Emile Debatene is a beautiful peony. I haven't seen one before, and it is very attractive.I like the combination of fluffy pink inner petals, and larger outer petals. It has a nice colour and shape. How fortunate that the flowers stood up to the rain, as that is often the downfall of peony flowers with lots of petals.

humble gardener said...

Gorgeous peonies. I didn't take enough photos of mine in June and have to wait until next year to post. I inherited 6 peony bushes in the gardens here at the house we moved into a year ago. They were planted in what were once sunny locations, but now are reaching for the sun too much, competing with larger trees and shrubs that are now overshadowing them. Their stalks grew really long and floppy. I've decided to move some of them this fall and hope to gather info on best ways to do that. Great blog - I was not able to find a way to "follow it". May I add your link to my site? Please feel free to add mine if you wish. http://wellwateredgardenjournal.blogspot.com