Friday, April 15, 2011

Mystery Crocus

While this is a delightful little crocus I can't help but be disappointed. I thought I had planted Crocus Advance: a three coloured crocus featuring creamy-yellow in the centre of the blooms and outer petals that alternate between white and violet. Will there ever be an end to the heartbreak of mislabeled plants?

What I have instead is quite pretty in its own right. The petals are a light purple on the inside. The outside petals are an even lighter purple blush with much darker markings. Quite dramatic, don't you think? Does anyone know the identity of this mystery crocus? I guess I'll have to try again for some Crocus Advance next year.


Lily said...

I think it is Crocus biflorus ssp.
isauricus Spring Beauty. It is on my list of new crocus to add in my garden. Happy spring!

O.I.M said...

thanks for the i.d. lily!