Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful Bok Choy

This beautiful bok choy ended up in a stir-fry dinner last night. It thrills me to no end that I am still harvesting veggies from the raised beds in mid-November (notice the ruffled lettuce and dark green spinach in the background.) I tried bok choy for the first time this year and am very pleased with the results. The spring crop was very successful. The autumn crop is well on its way to surpassing the results of spring. Bok choy can be directly seeded into the garden. It produces a harvest when temperatures are still quite cool in spring and just as they are cooling down significantly in fall. I suspect that with a little bit of shade, bok choy might produce into the warmer summer months. A novice veggie gardener looking for something easy and tasty to grow should consider bok choy.

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Nutty Gnome said...

My bok choi was good this year - but a lot more straggly than yours!

I've still got spinach, rainbow chard, leeks, cabbage, parsnips and broccoli going strong too - although the snow forcast for the end of the week might finish off some of them!