Monday, June 15, 2009

Bullfrogs and Foxtails

Bullfrogs don't have anything to do with my garden but I was so pleased with this photo I thought I'd share. My in-laws have a pond at their place and the bullfrogs were out in force, their love songs filling the air.

Back in the garden, the foxtail lilies are beginning their show. I always enjoy photographing them with the birdhouse in the background because it's the perfect excuse to refer to a "room with a view"

There are three flower spikes this year, more than ever before. I have no idea how the plant is multiplying. I leave the flower spike on well into summer, long enough for seed to set and fall to the ground. So maybe it's the seeds. Or maybe something is happening at root level. I'm just not sure.

At eye-level the blooms are astounding. They open from the bottom of the flower stalk up. Now that I'm actually experiencing some great success with these plants, I'm tempted to add a few more colours. The foxtail lilies are definitely a highlight of the spring garden and a sign of the great blooms still to come once summer finally arrives.


Salix said...

I like those foxtail lillies - and the bull frog too, of course.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I have foxtails this year -- yellow and (I think) a mauve/pink color. Here on the south shore of NS, they are up and just beginning to show their buds. So, I'm very excited to see them flower for me. They're such a lovely, old-fashioned plant. Yours are beautiful.

Helen said...

Oh my heavens, the foxtails! Yes, you clearly have success with them... please bring your success over to my garden and sprinkle it around. It would be most welcome.

Garden Lily said...

Irena - That is a great shot of the bullfrog. Your foxtail lilies are beautiful. I like your idea of adding more colours to what is already successful.