Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My February Friend: Herb(s)

Yes, it's February. And yes, the last two days have been exceptionally cold and windy. And yes, the last frost day in these parts won't happen for another two-and-a-half whole months. But darn it all, it's time to start growing some things. I feel the need for some green!

Herbs fit the bill perfectly. They can grow happily by the back door until better weather arrives. I picked up some thyme, sage, basil and garden cress at the grocery store where the first big seed display of the season went up this week. I've never tried garden cress before but the package said a harvest would be ready in 10-12 days. That's almost instant results. How could I pass that up? It's so good to be planting again.


Nutty Gnome said...

I know what you mean about the need for green!
Last-Born bought me some herbs and planters for Christmas and I finally planted them last week. Such joy when they sprouted, they're still spindley but growing rapidly. I've got sage, parsley and coriander brightening up my kitchen windowsill.

Kylee said...

I'm having these feelings, too, and am thinking of sowing some spinach to grow inside. I hope you get great herbs, Irena!

Ottawa Gardener said...

I say yes to growing stuff: Yes, yes yes! And yes again, especially in February.