Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Inevitable

A work project kept me out of the garden for two weeks and upon my return, the inevitable had happened: the Chinese Lanterns were in full bloom. I use the term "inevitable" quite deliberately. It is defined as "incapable of being avoided or evaded." That describes Chinese Lantern perfectly. Despite my best efforts to eradicate this plant from the garden, it persists. I have pulled it out by the truckload for years. I have teased its roots out of the soil, discovering tendrils that stretch for several feet just beneath the soil surface. I have cursed the day I planted it and ultimately, I have accepted defeat. I can readily acknowledge that I may never be rid of this plant. Instead, I pluck it when I can and when the lanterns appear, I appreciate their bright orange colour. They are a harbinger of fall (another inevitable) and hint at the beautiful colours still to come. As much as I complain about this plant, I have a great deal of respect for it. Maybe one day, it will win me over completely. Based on my experience with Chinese Lantern, that result may be inevitable.


Connie said...

The 'lanterns' look beautiful just resting on your plate! I find that every plant, in spite of possessing some negative qualities, has some merit.

Garden Lily said...

How funny, I have just planted some in my garden (albeit in a wilder area, where I won't mind them invading). I have been wanting those lanterns for a long time, now. What a beautiful bowlful.
Garden Lily