Thursday, July 10, 2008

Silly Seedheads

Earlier this spring I planted some Dwarf Windflowers (anemone multifida rubra). Their delicate red blooms caught my eye. They were perfect for what was slowly evolving into my five-year old's secret garden (designed specifically to attract fairies.) Now that the plants have gone to seed, the windflowers seem even better suited to a children's garden. They look downright silly. I did a double take a few days ago when I first saw a strange puffy, white substance in a semi-shady section of the garden. Then I laughed when I realized it was the seeds in all their fuzzy glory. Honestly, they made me think of Albert Einstein. I had the urge to get some of those kids' craft googly eyes and stick them on the plant. If the seed heads are any indication, there will be plenty of windflowers next spring and by July I'll have an army of Einsteins standing tall in the secret garden.

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